The issue of health is a topic that can never be overflogged. saddening is the fact that being intentional about taking care of our health seems like a task. Not only do we not mind what we eat, going for regular check up in this part of our world is not in our books. To be intentional about one’s health starts from our lifestyle, what we eat and what we do. This involves planning healthy meals by ensuring we eat more of ‘live’ foods than ‘dead’ foods. Live foods include fruits and fresh edible vegetables, they contain antioxidants which scavenge or capture free radicals responsible for aging and some diseases. Dead foods of course are cooked foods which our bodies require to function but knowing the right proportion is critical to maintaining proper body health. Regular body exercise is needed not only to keep the body in shape but also for the proper functioning of vital organs especially the heart. Visit a doctor when necessary, they are tools in God’s hands.

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